Sunday, July 16, 2017

Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report July 16, 2017

Brainerd/Nisswa area
Bass, northern pike and panfish are being found along the shallow weedlines on the north end of Gull Lake, North Long Lake, Lake Edward and Hubert Lake. Walleyes are scattered, but Gull, North Long and Whitefish lakes are giving up some fish in 12 to 32 feet—most live bait options have been working.
Crosby area
Crappies and bluegills are being caught in 12-15 feet on Big Mahnomen Lake, Serpent Lake and rice bed edges on the downstream portion of the Mississippi River. Clearwater Lake and Serpent are giving up largemouth along the weedlines and smallmouth bass on the rocks. Upper and Lower Mission lakes are producing northern pike on sucker minnows in 10 to 20 feet, while Portsmouth Pit is producing trout—look for fish 30-40 feet down over deeper water.
Mille Lacs Lake
With the walleye season now closed, fishing pressure has been light. Smallmouth bass are hitting plastics or crankbaits on the 16- to 20-foot rocks. Trolling crankbaits on the weedlines in St. Alban's Bay, Garrison Bay, Vineland Bay and Wigwam Bay has produced northern pike, while a few muskies are being found suspended on the flats.
Leech Lake
Walleyes are being caught on a variety of live-bait and artificial presentations. The shoreline breaks in Walker Bay, Goose Island Flats, and main lake rocks continue to produce fish in 12 to 16 feet. If the wind blows, the 6- to 10-foot weeds and points also will kick out walleyes. At night, slip bobbers and leeches or crankbaits will turn walleyes off Sand Point in 8-12 feet. Muskie action has been spotty with some fish being caught in the weeds of Portage Bay.
Staples/Little Falls area
The Mississippi River continues to provide numbers of channel catfish and smallmouth bass. Lake Alexander started producing walleyes during low-light periods, while the weedlines on Green Prairie Lake and Beauty Lake are producing sunfish.
Emily area
Crappies have started hitting on Eagle Lake in 8-10 feet, while Greer Lake is producing northern pike on spoons in 6-8 feet. A few walleyes are being taken in 10-12 feet with leeches on Washburn Lake during the morning hours. Look to the shorelines and lily pads with topwater baits for bass on Lake Emily.
Hackensack area
Nightcrawlers and spinners are producing walleyes on Woman Lake in 15-20 feet, Ten Mile Lake in 20-25 feet and Webb Lake in 14-18 feet. Largemouth are being found in the weeds on most lakes, and smallmouth bass are hitting in shallow water during low-light periods. A few muskies have been caught on Little Boy Lake and panfish reports have been best on the weedlines of Birch Lake and Moccasin Lake.
Longville area
Lindy Rigs and leeches are the ticket for walleyes in the 9- to 11-foot weeds of Lake Inguadona. The Government Point and Stoney Point areas on Woman Lake are giving up walleyes in 16-22 feet. Muskies are hitting small bucktails on Baby Lake, and hit the weedlines on Big Boy Lake for bluegills. Bass action is strong on most lakes.

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